Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leucistic,Melanistic or Partical Albino Junco

I first saw this bird on Saturday 19th of October and couldn't find it again after looking for a couple of hours. So this morning while talking on the phone, I look out the kitchen window and there it is, on the ground under the feeder. Call you back was all I said as I hung up and grabed the camera. 9 quick photos later and the bird was gone but this time I got some images.
Can anyone explain what is going on with this bird, I would love to know and I'm sure others would also. (UPDATE 10-25-08 Peter ) It's official , I heard from several people and the Dark eyed Junco is a partial albino. Who is here still (10-25-08) with about 18 other Dark eyed Junco's winter is on the way!
Good Birding!
Peter Manship


Hope Batcheller said...

This is a partially albinistic bird. Very cool!

Lady Arkansas said...

Wow, thanks for posting this. I saw one yesterday in Wintergreen, VA. The white collar really got me!