Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Northern Hawk Owl Center Harbor NH 1-13-09

Thought I would take a ride over to Center Harbor NH to look for the Northern Hawk Owl yesterday. I wanted to see the bird before the freezing cold weather and wind chills that are coming set in. Once there several birders had the owl in their scopes and the cool thing was I was able to look through all the different brands and types of scopes, comparing optics. The surprise for me was how good the image was in the $500 avg price level scope. You had to jump up to a $1000 or more to see the next level of difference and it was noticeable, but not a great deal better. I would say for the average birder wanting to get good looks at distant birds $500 scopes is what you want to be looking at.
As for the Northern Hawk Owl it was tuff light to get a good image in, cloudy and back lit resulting in what is called hi-key images. But I am happy with the images I was able to make.

The owl was very active hunting from different perches close to the road and out in the field.
I missed a great image of the hawk looking down (hunting) seeing something and diving off the branch, plunging head long to the ground right in front of me. The problem was there was a BUSH in the way . O well thats what makes it fun.

Northern Hawk Owl hunting from distant purch over looking a field.

This is my favorite image from the day's images , preening.Good birding to all!

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