Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dead Creek Today 5-5-09

I went birding at Dead Creek hopping to find the Upland Sandpiper that was listed on VTbird this morning. I found several first season/year birds today, but no Upland Sandpiper. No new warblers today but nice looks at the ones I did find - Yellow Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler and the surprise of the day, an American Pipit. Great views of a Savannah Sparrow. Saw two sandpipers fly out over the water that got away too quickly to ID. Later I spotted a Solitary Sandpiper working the water's edge. Then I heard what sounded like two birds fighting. When I located the birds, I couldn't believe my eyes! In a thicket was a bird holding onto a House Sparrow by the back of the head! The helpless bird just hung there phishing. This ended when a truck passed and the birds flushed. I did get these two images, but have no idea what the top bird was.

My birding trip ended as the rain started, so I headed home happy with two new birds for my VT year list which now stands at 142 without an Upland Sandpiper. Oh well, next time!


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Don and Sher said...

Interesting shots of the two birds, I have never seen anything like that.