Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kayaking the Springweather Reservoir

September 2nd. Fall was in the air this morning but as the day progressed it turned into a classic mid 70's September day. We were greeted by 15 + Clouded Sulphur butterflies flying about the boat launch area . As it turned out deciding to kayak the Springweather Resevior in Weatherfield. VT turned out to be a great choice of how to spend this beautiful day. We kayaked up the Black River from the boat launch to just before where the Stoughton Pond run-off joins the Black River. It was hard work-period! We did, however, get to see a Green Heron feeding along the river's edge and every time we got close, it would fly ahead always staying in front of us. Then out of nowhere a juvenile Cooper's Hawk hit the Green Heron mid flight and the two of them ended up in the water. Lots of noise. The hawk let go and winged its way back to a dry perch as did the heron. Lost sight of the Coopers and the Green Heron was now in hiding so we drifted down river back to the main body of water. The lake behind the dam has many places to explore and look at the wildlife that calls Springweather Reservoir home. The view of Ascutney mountain from out on the water is a Vermont classic and Springweather has a half dozen different places to enjoy the great views while paddling around .

Here's a photo from my friend's camera of Ascutney Mt from up in the Black River area.

The birding is impressive whether you're kayaking or just walking one of the many trails that surround Springweather. Here's a list of birds seen there over the years and it's not up-to-date.

This day we saw a pair of Snowy Egret , two Greater Yellowlegs,

a Spotted Sandpiper and the Green Heron.
There are always Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles and a whole host of other critters that live around water that you may see.

Springweather Reservoir can be tough to paddle if the water is low, but that's not a problem so far this year. If you're up for a day of adventure you just might find it at the Springweather Reservoir, Weatherfield Vt.


Peter Manship
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