Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sage Thrasher, Salisbury Beach Mass. 1-12-10

Yesterday I ran down to Salisbury Beach SP in Mass to try and locate the Sage Thrasher that was reported on Mass-ebird the day before. I left Vermont at O-Dark-Thirty (4:45) so I would be down there early, hoping that when I pulled in some of the NH birders that I bird with would have already found the thrasher. There was 25 or so people walking around looking. It didn't look good. I asked the first person that I came to if they had seen the bird and they said that it was seen earlier but..... I parked the car and joined the search. I soon found one of the NH birders. I asked Jason if I could join him looking for the bird and the whereabouts of other NH birders. He said they are all looking for the Ivory Gull.

We looked everywhere and after about thirty minutes I noticed something moving under a bush . I looked through my binoculars. “I've got It!”Jason signaled the others and "texted" the other NH birders who were combing the seacoast for an Ivory Gull, which was never found. It was amazing! Ten minutes later it was like old home week; people started pouring in to see the Sage Thrasher.

Also at Salisbury were these Horned Larks that were sandbathing. What a sight.

This Horned Lark made a small bowl in the sand by flipping its wings. You can see sand flying in the next image.All in all I had a great time seeing everyone again and spending the rest of the afternoon birding the NH seacoast. Interestingly, they were all looking for high point value birds for the Superbowl of Birding VII. What I didn’t know was that the group represented two teams; everyone was acting cool asking each other questions about where they were going or where they had been birding and the answers were all bold face lies. They were all sandbagging, telling each other lies to misdirect the other team. It was fun to hear and watch the friendly banter.

Here is a list of birds seen by me today:

Sage Thrasher 1
Merlin 3
Kestrel 1
Snow Buntings 15
Horned Larks 12
Tree Sparrow 9
Savannah Sparrow 1
Glaucous Gull 1
Herring Gull many
Ringbilled Gull many
Greater black-backed Gull 7
European Starling 2
Common Eider 8
Lesser Scaup 5
Mallard 2

Good Birding


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Lowie said...

They were not bold faced lies!!! We gave them some information... ust not all of it ;-)


Laurel said...

It's wonderful to see your photos of this rare accidental but I think I enjoyed the sandbathing lark photos even more. Thank you!

Alam adalah Keagungan Mu said...

woow...! its wonderful picture... you can give some information about beautiful flying object is very interesting..