Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful Flying Objects

Today I decided that I was going to start blogging again. So here goes, the name came from Bryan Pfeiffer telling a story about B,F,O's and when asked what B F O stood for? Bryan replied "Beautiful Flying Objects" Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies. That was good enough for me,
I told him then that I might use B.F.O.'s sometime, he didn't care. I will from time to time be posting stories and photos about BFO's . I am also creating a second Blog called "Somewhere in Vermont " . Which will be about wondering around Vermont photographing the Vermont that I love so much and is disappearing at a very fast rate now. The buildings and the oldtimer's , the people that made Vermont so special are coming to the end of an era and I'm trying record some of that before it's gone . Anyhow both of these blogs will give my a creative outlet . Hope you will check in from time to time and enjoy the photos and stories.

Peter Manship

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