Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birding Rt22a, Looking for Raptores

Here are some images from birding Rt 22a up to Dead Creek. The weather started out sunny and warm, I was hopping the approaching cold front would have some hawks migrating. But the weather changed very quickly, the wind picked up and birds were hard to come by never mind find some hawks. The day had a few surprises, most notable were 2 Wilson's Snipes
and 3 Pied-billed Grebes located at East Creek WMA in Orwell. image is of a juvenile

A nice look at a Savannah Sparrow helped make the day
and a good image of a Kestrel checking me out as rolled by taking photos.You roll by on Rt 22a the traffic is intense and there ain't many places to safely pull off, I got lucky this time!
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For a full trip report heres a link to Vt birds: http://birdingonthe.net/mailinglists/VTBD.html#1220977683

Story and Photos @ Peter Manship 2008

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Tug Boat Man said...

Hi Pete,

Sorry I missed the maiden voyage of your new blog yesterday. Glad to see you are back at it as your work is inspirational to me as a beginning bird and other things photographer. Good luck,