Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Northern Harrier hunting

Driving home from Dead Creek WMA yesterday on a dirt road in Bridport Vt (not sure of the name) when a Northern Harrier popped up flying alone side my car down the road, Hunting. My friend asked how fast are you going? 33-34 mph I said, grabbed my camera, stuck it out the window and fired. The bird turned changing direction, I fired two more images off and the hawk went right over the car out into the field and land on it's pray. Luck is a has it's rewards, what a magic moment to watch.
Later on, heading home on rt 103 in Mt Holly Vt I spotted this Barred Owl sitting on the powerline to bring an end to a great day of Birding. For a list of the whole day here is a Link to the list:

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Laura said...

Amazing shot with a great story. Thank you for sharing!

Peter Manship said...

Thanks Laura, It was a very magic moment and I was luck to be there.