Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cooper’s hawk visit

I Looked out the window today and there wasn’t any birds at the feeders, well I mean 2 Chickadee’s a Junco and 3 Pine Siskins is not normal for around here . Maybe they moved on but there would still be the regular yard birds, something’s going on. About an hour later the answer flew by the window as I was working on my Uncle’s taxes, there in the maple tree 12 feet from the kitchen window was a beautiful Cooper’s Hawk lookin to pick up something to eat no doubt. The big surprise was the Chickadees didn’t fly away they just stayed safe in the thicket beneath the Coopers hawk, which was keeping an eye on them. ( Image below Coopers hawk looking down at the bush with the chickadees safely inside it ) After about a minute the Coopers dropped down under the pines to see if there was a different way to get at the chickadee’s who were still playing it safe. As the coopers moved out from under the pine it swooped out over the water and the mallard must have thought that it was coming after it and dove under the water as the coopers flew past and moved off out of sight.

All the images were take through the kitchen window. I was very luck on these or to put it another way the universe sent me a little treat for being a good boy and staying home trying to clear up some of my Uncle's tax papers instead of going birding on a beautiful sunny spring day!

See you out there


All rights reserved Images© 2009 Peter Manship

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