Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Golden-crowned Sparrow Orwell Vt

Well it's another one of those birding miracles that you just have to wonder how it got here and thank the birding powers to be that sharp eyed birders recognized that it was different, and got in touch with someone that could help them confirm the ID of this way ward traveler. And then get the word out to the VTbird list. I left about 8:30 this morning to go see the Golden-crowned Sparrow, hopping that it was still there. As I drove along Rt73 in Owell Vt loooking for the house that the bird was at I saw some birders looking through there binoculars intently and I thought, it still there. I quickly joined the group and was shown the bird through a scope , as I looked at the bird I thought WOW what a bird and what a good day. Partly because of the bird and partly because the group of birders that I joined were all friends that I enjoy birding with . I was able to get one descent one image when the bird landed in a tree right in front of me cutting the distance by 2/3's. However the other images are good enough to help reference color, size. shape etc.

The Golden-crowned Sparrow was a great bird to see here in Vermont and a Big Thanks to the home owners for allowing the Vermont Birding community on their property to enjoy this rare bird.


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